If you haven’t yet noticed our stunning cheerleaders brandishing smiles and pompoms and nailing backflips and aerial acrobatics, where have you been???


The Lionettes are the official Lions cheerleaders. These men and women are professional dancers, tumblers, gymnasts and cheerleaders. They entertain, astonish and enthral us, keeping spirits high even when a game just doesn’t seem to be going our way.



They love what they do and they train hard to ensure they do it well. Before kick-off the Lionettes perform an energetic four-minute show. Throughout the rest of the game they perform short dance routines and mind-blowing stunts. This kind of entertainment requires training, which is why they practise two to three times a week.



How do I become a Lionette?

If you are a born entertainer with a dance, gymnastics or cheerleading background, then you might just be the next Lionette. Added to this, you need to be fit, healthy and take pride in your appearance. It also helps if you are friendly, sociable and have a good work ethic.

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