We know that talent can be found anywhere. And given the right opportunities, it can be nurtured into something truly special. Only problem is that most kids in South Africa will never be discovered.

Training and development of the youth at the Golden Lions Rugby UnionWith no access to qualified coaches, tried and tested training schedules, basic rugby gear and equipment, or even a proper sports field, how can we expect to develop our future rugby heroes?

A healthy diet is also essential. Rugby requires muscle! As a contact and endurance sport, it burns serious energy, and a hungry body will begin to feed on muscle when it doesn't get the necessary sustenance it needs. The fact is that kids in townships and rural South Africa often only eat one meal a day, and it's not loaded with protein. Any way you look at it, they have so much more to overcome in order to achieve. That's why wherever and whenever we can, we hold development clinics and training days.

Development clinics & training days

Our clinics are designed to teach previously disadvantaged kids about the game of rugby and to provide a space where they feel safe.

Players from the Emirates Lions and Golden Lions teams, along with their coaches and support staff, share their knowledge, show their skills and start building a new generation of rugby players.

Meals are arranged. Medics are on hand should they be needed. And spirits are always high. Transformation starts at grassroots level. Join us as we work to change the face of South African rugby.